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Bowlin Family Farms LLC
Natures Freshest Produce!

Buy Local fresh Produce in Olathe, KS

Visit Bowlin Family Farms and discover the finest quality local produce available in Kansas. You'll be a part of something bigger and nothing is sweeter than the freshly picked taste of red tomatoes or fresh crisp cabbage from your local community farm. Our produce is fresh and picked at the pique of quality for your enjoyment and good health. You will taste the difference of fresh fruit and vegetables raised locally on the farm here in Olathe, Kansas.

Our market is an integral part of the local economy so you have to know the importance of maintaining this city's vitality, its vibrant and bright future as we move forward together. Our local economy is like a farm and together if we support that farm, we can grow a brighter future. Our family produces farm has been a part of the locally grown fruit and vegetables for many years. We are a part of that bigger economic picture! Help support local farmers and grow our strong local economy.
Lettuce - Beets in Olathe, KS
Bellpepper - Broccoli in Olathe, KS
Tomato - Cauliflower in Olathe, KS
An ear of corn, grown in the field, and waiting to be harvested for you began as just one kernel, or a single seed. Our community is just like that seed. Help us cultivate a stronger local economy and a healthy sustainable future for the children of the Olathe and DeSoto Kansas and surrounding communities.

We support and donate our surplus fresh fruits and vegetables to the De Soto food pantry for those less fortunate. We hope you will visit Bowlin Family Farms during the growing season and have a taste of our top quality fresh produce. We will have a stand at the farm for your convenient access we hope to see you at Bowlin Family Farms for fresh produce soon.

Together, we are cultivating our future by planting seeds of a brighter tomorrow, today. Support the community, come out and help us grow together. Come and visit our farm to buy your produce in spring from us directly, freshly picked at the perfect pique of freshness just for your enjoyment and good health of your family and the greater Olathe, DeSoto Kansas and surrounding communities!